Vaudeville “Hussar Girl”

Vaudeville “Hussar Girl”

Малый зал
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Wednesday, 28 November 18:00 Buy a ticket

The audience will see a funny story about Captain Roland, who gave the child whom he rescued during the war to fosterage without making clear whether it is a boy or a girl. After the retirement the warrior hoped to see his son but instead of his heir a beautiful girl dressed in hussar's uniform was waiting for him. As befits a French comedy, the vaudeville “Hussar Girl” ends with two weddings.

All the soloists transform into beautiful vaudeville actors so easily and unexpectedly. They sing, dance beautifully and skillfully play along with each other.

Director - Ekaterina Sablina

Musical Director - Dmitry Banaev

Scenography and costumes - Elena Vershinina

Plastic art Director - Alexander Zverev

Lighting Designer - Anton Hasanyanov

Stage teacher - Natalya Turiyeva

Sound producer - Vasily Tikhomirov

Lyrics editor - Tatiana Portnova

Assistant Director - Valentina Krugovova

Evgenia Lubyanova

Accompanist - Tatiana Portnova

Minimum age: 6+

Minimal age: 6+