Opera "Il trovatore"

Opera "Il trovatore"

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The Astrakhan Opera and Ballet Theater will present the premiere of G. Verdi “ Il trovatore”. The theater public loves this opera, but many theaters in the world refuse to stage it - too difficult and the parts of the main characters are too emotional. Moreover, it is not easy to understand the plot.

Gypsy Azucena, avenging the death of her mother who was burned by order of the old Count Di Luna, kidnaps her younger son. In a fit of hatred she throws the child into the fire. But it turned out that Azuchena killed her own son, and the kidnapped baby was alive. Gypsy raised Manriko, who considered her to be his mother and just like her he hated oppressors. He is leading a rebellion against the young Count Di Luna, not knowing that this is his brother. Manrico loves beautiful Leonora and it’s mutual. The girl rejected the harassment of the graph. He attacks Manrico, wounds him, and Leonora, thinking her beloved was dead went to the monastery. Meanwhile, Azuchena while looking for Manrico everywhere falls into the hands of the graph. She faces execution. Manrico, who was trying to save Azuchena, was also captured and sentenced to death. Leonora enters the prison to Manriko and after taking poison dies in his hands. By order of Di Luna Manrico was executed. Azuchena after revealing the truth to the count that he had killed his brother falls dead.

“Il trovatore” Music is adorable. It is rich with beautiful, free-flowing melodies that are close to folk melodies. The music of the opera is so expressive that it will be clear even to an unsophisticated spectator: whether the character is happy or sad, whether he loves or hates.

Minimal age: 12+