Opera "Eugene Onegin"

Opera "Eugene Onegin"

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   The Astrakhan Opera and Ballet Theater presents to the Astrakhan audience the famous opera "Eugene Onegin". Pyotr Tchaikovsky called his creation “lyrical scenes”, taking as a basis from the work of Alexander Pushkin only the main thing - the inner world of the characters filled with spiritual experiences. Astrakhan Opera and Ballet Theater does not change the traditions: our audience will see a classical production. It is impossible to imagine the repertoire of the theater without the opera “Eugene Onegin”. Konstantin Balakin’ staging probably inherits the director's tradition of psychological theater: it’s a subtle, smart work about feeling and how difficult it is to keep it , as well as friendship, family, and time, which, alas, is irreversible ...

   The Astrakhan production of the opera "Eugene Onegin" is adapted for the viewer. The strongest scene is the explanation of Onegin and the married Tatiana. The passions will fascinate the audience. The performance is subtle, true, forcing everyone to suffer along with the characters.

Tchaikovsky wrote the script for the opera in one day. Perhaps that is why it is distinguished by such ease and ingenious simplicity.

Minimal age: 6+