Ballet "Giselle"

Ballet "Giselle"

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   Adolphe Adam's ballet "Giselle" is a ballet about love, over which death has no power.

Giselle is an unsurpassed romantic masterpiece and one of the most ancient ballets. For 177 years since its premiere nothing more touching, poetic, sorrowful and beautiful has been created. Ballet has not lost its charm and still conquers the hearts of people.

   The libretto is based on an old poetic legend about “Vilis” - girls who died from unhappy love and turned into vengeful and ruthless vilis, vir-spirits. At night, they leave the graves, draw into their mystical round dance young men who are close by, and circle them in dance until the young men drop dead.

A regular country girl Giselle fell in love with a beautiful young man. He is also passionate, but Giselle does not know that Albert is a count and he has a bride. Having learned the truth, Giselle shocked by the treachery of her beloved loses her mind, dies and becomes one of the Vilis. But even after death she remains faithful to her love, forgives her unfaithful beloved and saves him from the vengeance of her vilis friends.

Minimal age: 12+