Ballet Swan Like

Ballet Swan Like

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The ballet "Swan Lake" is one of the few productions that are well known not only to ardent theatergoers, but even to those who have a very vague idea of what ballet is. "Swan Lake" is the standard for classical art, one of the most famous works in the world. Who can believe that this timeless piece of work is more than 140 years old! The music and choreography of this performance are considered masterpieces, and the white swan is regarded as a symbol of the Russian ballet. Working together with his talented student Lev Ivanov, Petipa created his own version of the ballet as a tribute to the late Tchaikovsky.

The famous choreographers significantly revised the libretto and changed the order of the ballet pieces. Few people know, it was this ballet version that granted the world with “the dance of the little swans” where the four enchanted girls are dancing together with their arms crossed and their heads bowed in a peculiar way. This dance reveals the subtle and magnetic charm of the swan lake.

The timeless “Swan Lake” premiered in Astrakhan in December, 2012. It was the first premiere of the theater.


Libretto by Konstantin Uralsky

Choreography Director Konstantin Uralsky

(fragments of choreography by M. Petipa, L. Ivanov are used)


Music Director and Conductor Valery Voronin

Theater Designer Alyona Pikalova

Costume Designer Elena Zaitseva

Lighting Designer Elena Kopunova

Minimal age: 6+
2 hours 20 mins