Art Council

The project “Russian Operas in the Astrakhan Kremlin” will enrich its repertoire with a new masterpiece

The festival “Parade of Stars at the Opera” united 6 famous conductors of Russia and the world

For the first time artistic director and chief conductor of the Astrakhan Opera and Ballet Theater Valery Voronin was invited to participate in the festival

Concert that you will never forget

The 3rd concert of Rachmaninov and Strauss SINFONIA DOMESTICA were firstly performed in Astrakhan

"Home Symphon"Home Symphony" by Richard Strauss will be performed for the first time in Astrakhan on February, 1

Sophia Gulyak and the Symphony Orchestra of the Astrakhan Opera and Ballet Theater conducted by maestro Valery Voronin in the concert “The Majesty of Illusions. Strauss. Rachmaninov”

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