The Snow Queen

Winter is the most amazing time of the year, this is the time of magic and incredible wonders! Winter is made of snow, snow is made of snowflakes and, until they melt, you can try to look at them through the largest magnifying glass, or at least through grandmother's glasses. Then it is clear that each snowflake is made up of thousands of glistening ice crystals. They are built with such amazing patterns that it is breathtaking! And the most striking thing is that these patterns never, never, repeat. And this means that two identical snowflakes simply do not happen!

That's why there are so many winter wonders and they are so beautiful. Once, on a glittering snowy day, in far away Denmark, the storyteller Hans Christian Andersen was walking around the city park, and the tomtits chirruped him a story that had just happened to their familiar boy Kai, who loved to roll off the slides on his sled. Andersen returned home and quickly wrote down tomtits’ story and gave it a beautiful title: "The Snow Queen". The children all over the world read and loved the story of the boy Kai, who was taken by the beautiful but infinitely cold Snow Queen  to her beautiful palace, and about Gerda, the girl with a brave hot heart who went through danger, through forests, ice and snow, to save Kai and to return him in the world of warmth and love.

Children grew up, they remembered their favorite fairy tale and told it to their children. Every adult told it in his own way, so films, performances, cartoons were born, and they were all called "The Snow Queen", and they were all about Kai and Gerda, but these versions were slightly different from the story that Andersen had heard from the little tits, acquainted with  Kai personally.

We also like this fairy tale in our theatre, and since it is the Opera and Ballet Theatre, we could not do without music. We have listened attentively to the early symphonies of the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - and he wrote his first symphony by an eleven-year-old boy! - and have realized that his light music can be a wonderful basis for our fairy tale. We have also told it a little bit - quite a bit - differently than Andersen.

The Snow Queen servants, roughs and hooligans, accidentally broke the magic mirror. If you would not collect all the fragments together again, a terrible misfortune could happen:  spring would never come on the Earth again! And even the Snow Queen did not wish this to people. The trouble was that the  least splinter accidentally stabbed into Kai, froze his heart, and became inaccessible to the trolls. How to assemble the mirror? And the trolls decided that the best thing was to kidnap Kai and to take him to the Snow Queen.

Then it happened, as in the familiar fairy tale: Gerda passed all the trials, was not afraid of robbers, dense forests, snows and frosts. She found Kai in the castle of the Queen, her love melted the ice in his heart, and a tiny splinter of the mirror rolled onto Kai's cheek with a teardrop. It remained only to insert this fragment into the already assembled mirror.

So a small brave Gerda saved not only Kai, but also all people. No matter how beautiful winter is, we still wait for the spring, which will come, bring warmth and color the world with all the colors of the rainbow.

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