Theatre etiquette

Rules of behaviour in the theatre 

What we imagine when hear the word «theatre»? Quiet rustling of a curtain, opening the mysterious depth of the stage? Fading lights of elegant chandeliers and the twilight of the auditorium?

It likes a celebration, doesn’t it?

A visit to the theatre is like a small holiday. But not to spoil it for yourself and your neighbors, you should follow some simple rules.

1. Before you buy tickets, look at the plan of the hall next to the window of the ticket office and choose the most convenient for you.

2. Come in elegant clothes. Men usually wear a dark suit and women – glad rags. Of course, if you come in jeans, you will pass. But remember, ladies wearing trousers in a theatre are considered to have a bad taste.

In winter ladies usually take shoes to the theatre and leave their boots in the cloakroom, because an evening dress doesn’t match with winter boots.

3. Please use perfumes moderately, even the most expensive.

4. Make sure that you don’t have big bags and rustling packages in your hands. Rustling would disturb your neighbors.

5. Come to the theatre 20-30 minutes before the beginning. This time is quite enough to change clothes, fix the hairdo, buy a program and take your seats.

6. How to get to your seats? If your seats are in the middle of the row – try to take them earlier not to disturb the others. If you have to pass through the filled row – turn to face the sitting viewers and apologize in a calm voice or with a nod for causing the trouble.

If your place is occupied, you should contact the administrator.

Do not wait for the third call, enter the auditorium before.

After the beginning of the performance the entrance to the parterre is closed until the intermission. If you are late – contact the administrator. He will help you to take a free seat on a tier or a balcony, regardless of the purchased seat. You should take your seat after the intermission.

7. When taking a seat you shouldn’t occupy both armrests. Your neighbor has the same right to lean, as you. Don’t sit, clinging to each other, because you should remember about those who sit in the back. They also want to see the stage.

8. Do not bring chocolate, sandwiches or apples in the hall. If you had no time to have a snack – there is a buffet in the theatre. But don’t remain there until the third call.

9. The main rule – is the silence. You shouldn’t whisper, shuffle your feet

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