Triumph of the Astrakhan opera and ballet theater on tour in Moscow

The troupe of the Astrakhan Opera and Ballet Theater had success giving a performance of “Rigoletto” on October, 4 at the New Stage of the Bolshoi Theatre on tour in Moscow.

The Moscow theater critic, Alexander Matusevich, writes about "Khovanshchina" in the Astrakhan Kremlin

Alexander Matusevich is a famous music observer, analyst and the author of numerous reviews, interviews, and articles on opera art.

"The Bronze Horseman” reflects the history through the centuries

The Astrakhan Opera and Ballet Theater has won a grant from the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.

Romance Renaissance 2022 is a portal to the sidelines of the Russian Empire!

Stories of love, dates and partings - this is the contrast of the "cruel romance" of the late 19th - early 20th century.

New talented artists have joined the theater troupe!

This year, new people have joined the team of the Astrakhan Opera and Ballet Theatre. They joined the orchestral troupe. We have two concertmasters now.

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