Artistic Direction

Voronin Valery Vladimirovich

Artistic Director, the Chief Conductor

In 2006 graduated from Saint Petersburg State Conservatoire named after N. Rimsky-Korsakov, the faculty of choral conducting (class of Professor T.I. Nemkina), and the faculty of opera and symphonic conducting (class People's Artist of Russia, professor R.E. Martynov).

Conducted concert programs with participation of V. Repin, M. Gantvarg, I. Mataev, A. Markov, Yur. Marusin, Kh. Gerzmav and others. The participant of festivals «Musical Spring», «From the Avant-Garde to present days» (St. Petersburg, 2004, 2005).

Duncheva Galina Adolfovna
Duncheva Galina Adolfovna

Chief Chorus Master

Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation, Professor

Dunchev Vladimir Petrovich
Dunchev Vladimir Petrovich

Head of the Production Department

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