Tsvetana Omelchuk performed at the Mariinsky theatre

The Opera Cinderella by Jules Massenet in a concert performance in the original language (with Russian subtitles) was presented by the soloists of the Mariinsky Academy of Young Opera singers at the Mariinsky theatre

Cultural weekend in the Opera House

On February 17, on the stage of the Big Hall will be the ballet "Romeo and Juliet" which based on the novel of William Shakespeare

A few news for a jazz fans

Sergey Manukyan in April and "Delta Jazz" festival in October - for all fans of jazz music

Golden Mask in the Cinema

The Ministry of Culture of Russia and the Art-Association "CoolConnection" runs the unique project Golden Mask in the Cinema

Reading opera

"Passion of Gentle, Mild Souls, Destiny of Oppressed" was introduced to schoolchildren with the founder of sentimentalism in Russia Nikolai Karamzin

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