The Astrakhan Opera and Ballet Theatre presents the premiere of the 19th theatrical season - the drama "Pagliacci" by Ruggero Leoncavallo.

Every opera performance at the Astrakhan theatre is not just a performance, it is a philosophical view of the world through a musical prism. Every detail, every gesture and every word, addressed to the audience, is sacred. The drama "Pagliacci" is a specific one. This is not just another bright title, but a good reason to talk about the theatre as such, not only the story of the theatre in the theatre, but a story about the intertwining of real life and  playing in the fate of everyone who has devoted himself to THEATRE.

Producers offer an original stage version, avoiding triviality. In the performance "Pagliacci" there is everything: unusual scenery representing the world of theatre on both sides of the curtain, modern and evocative costumes representing heroes characters, the complex mechanism of the theatrical machine, and a cruel and terrible finale, shocking and inevitable. The front side - and the back, the stage itself - and the hall, the artists - and the real people are presented here.  Essence, insides, womb - THEATRE. But what is a THEATRE?

THEATRE is a mystery. It is a mystery of the empty hall, a mystery of the play birth, a mystery of unpredictable successes and deafening failures, its laws can not be understood. They simply exist, and are observed.

THEATRE is a cruel reality. There are no random people here. Everyone who has come here, forever belongs to it. It does not forgive, It does not forget and it does not let go. It is a full and merciless master.

THEATRE is a life. It is a life in which passions are seething, vices coexist, fortune is lucky or bad.  It is a life in which you can learn the taste of glory and learn its cruel price.

THEATRE is a space. It is a space, cut in two parts by a curtain, where both parts exist for each other.

But, first of all, THEATRE is an illusion. Another reality is created on the stage, and the viewers are ready to believe in it. Two parallel universes - the artists and the public - take these rules for the duration of the performance.

So what is a new performance of the Astrakhan opera? Are our "Pagliacci" a game in the theatre or just a theatrical play? Only those who become a part of the action will find the answer for themselves. Be an artist in life and a participant of the drama in the hall. Be in the theatre!


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